Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Science exam rescheduled!

Today WAS the science exam..It was all gong right until two hours before the exam when the phone rang. It was my friend, she told me that it is holiday for school today because a teacher in our school passed away. I feel really sad for the teacher as well as for the effort I had done. So, tomorrow is Environmental Education test. It is an easy subject so I am going to study it only after the lunch. Now, march, it is exam for all schools, so a lot of tips and tricks are coming for dealing with the stress of studying. Actually I wonder why I am not afraid of exams, perhaps my parents see it in an easy way (Hey...it is not because i am not interested in studies as marks have never been below 90%...mmm...). In my class I've heard from my friends that their parents pressurize them to study. In my opinion, the children who study for their needs( not for parents) are capable of getting good marks and they are the children who will succeed in the future. Even I have stories that tell outstanding children getting suddenly detained beacuse of a lot of stress and beacuse of the scoldings they get. I've also heard children being turned mentally ill due these reasons. I hardly oppose the kind of studying by force of others.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now , our annual exams are going on... Today was our computer examination, It was nice. I can't actually imagine this academic year is going to end. It went so fast but I am really satisfied because I know I had done well in the previous tests. I had got the highest in the girls section the last 2 times. However, it is very hard to beat the boys in studies, i don't know how they do it! Next year some of my friends are leaving the school just because they don't like the school, but i don't think so - it is a very nice school when compared to others.

I participated in the annual day of our residence association. I've choreographed five dances including mine. Everyone said it was excellent. If I can, I will post the videos later...And those programmes were held when there was barely one week for the exam,studying was really tiresome. Next test is for science, the thing is I hate Biology!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Problems rising in the last days....

Time is running very fast indeed. Uptil now , I thought that there has been only a few months since I joined in class 8. Now everyone is busy studying for the annual examination (revolts are also breaking out in the class). Some of my friends are leaving the school this year, even my best friend. I am really sad. Next year I am in 9th STD with all the strict timetables and tiresome practicals. There have many discussions about the results because teachers say that about 20 students from our class are likely put in the detained list beacause of their bad performance uptil now. As I am studying in a private school, students who are below average are not allowed to be in 9th. This is all because the school authorities want a 100% pass in the 10th standard exams. And that is absolutely not a 100% pass, because actually students are detained in the 8th and 9th exams and also they are not been allowed to enter the 10th std. This is very serious, someone has to do something...