Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Year in Higher Secondary

Its been like 6 months since I last wrote here... I was too busy with school (and that doesn't mean I'm not busy now!). Its been really tough this year to keep up with studies but I believe I'm doing good so far. Seriously speaking, this seems to be my best year in school. Everything is going just great.

 I was a little off mood in the first month...not only me, all my friends too was in same condition. We couldn't just accept the fact that we cant be in 10th anymore... We've been together in same class for like 10 years, and most of 'em split up now to different schools for different reasons.. We were really missing the old class, the old atmosphere and many other elements which we wont get back.. Then slowly, everyone became good friends and now we are ok with it..

 I'm in the Computer-Maths ( no biology!) Group as I've mentioned earlier.We've been brain-washed in 10th by our senior batches that higher secondary is like HeLL coming to earth. Anyways for me, it has been more comfortable than last year. Maybe, its because I'm working more now. Health conditions weren't goin balanced earlier , but now I learned to manage it. I'm much more systematic and everything is going planned now.. not because I wanted it like that but because there is no other way. The syllabus is like a vast ocean, I've to survive.. I don't want to compromise on my dreams.

 Right now, we're busy with Youth Festival.. The last time I wrote about it here was during when I was in 9th.. Anyways, it hasn't been much exciting this year like before. But, anyways its our last chance to be in a school Youth Festival.. So, I don't want to miss it..

By the way, one of my blog posts was published in The Hindu :).. Thanks Hindu for considering it.


  1. lovely one..Gayathri posting dear!!!!

  2. missing my school days...........