Monday, April 2, 2012

After a Pretty Long Time..

 Its been an year since i posted here.. I had no time to think about it.. Last time it was 'first year in higher secondary' and now its 'first year over!!'.. It all went so fast than i could imagine. I still feel like I wrote the 10th exam just a few days ago!. One year went like the blink of an eye. I know I was writing here before about the challenges and dreams and ... such and such.. and its still on with full swing. Last year was good for me. It was... satisfying.

I just went through all my old articles that I have posted here since my 8th standard , small things were so exciting for me.. all those small trips, vacation, school and so..,  and i am really surprised by the way i changed all through. I really enjoy reading them now because i like that feel of my innocence then which i understood only now, the famous Innocence of Childhood!.. I have read and heard that when we grow up normally our perceptions about everything change, our approaches, our visions, the perspective by which we see things..everything has a big change. I have really understood it and experienced it now. But I know it isn't over yet.. more change is on its way, but i am happy that most of them turns out to be positive.. 'Learning from Experiences'.. and I am totally in love with the word CHANGE.

Now its vacation LITERALLY, but really busy days. Lot to do. Preperation for next year and completing pending things.. and related stuff.. Its gonna be tough days coming ahead.. So i'm not gonna be here for a couple of months from now. In between I read some books. I had made a review here before about  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It was so inspiring and I was tempted to read more of his books. I read his Veronika Decides to Die and the Aleph. Very deep books.. not everyone would find it very interesting.. i'm sure about that.! Little swept away by them.  But I think next time I am gonna pick a different book of totally different style... and that definitely is gonna happen only after one year. !

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