Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Youth festival Over!

Thank God! The Youth Festival is finally over. Our school finished fourth. We got third position for margam kali. My sister is the happiest person in the world now. She got first prize for English Elocution. It’s her first time in such a platform, and she really made it.

We didn't think that we will get anything for Margam kali because all the other schools' participants were well trained even before weeks by special teachers. We were all tired by the end of that day. We reached back home at about11 in the night. I had Group dance the next day. That day was the worst day in my life. It was about 10 in the night when we performed on stage. It was very tiresome. We didn't get any prize. I am trying to forget it. I had made a decision not to be in Group Dance anymore.

Anyway, the last day was awesome; we didn't had any items that day. We went just for receiving the prizes. I enjoyed a lot. My friends were all there.

Our mid-term examinations are starting the next week and I haven't even opened the books. I wish I could get at least 85% for the exams. It is very sad if I didn't score good marks. Everyone will say that its all because I participated in the youth festival. But, actually, that is the truth.
By the way,


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Youth Festival is About to Start

The youth festival is starting in a week and we are busy practicing our items. I don't
know how I managed to study the group dance. It is an awful song. Also, the Margam
Kali lyrics is very hard but it is the same one that I have sang last year. I am the class leader now (I hate it).I am waiting for a chance to get rid of it. Anyway, according to the attitude of our class, no class monitor could last more than one month. By then, u will be fired for some stupid reason.
( I don't like people who don't tell openly whats in their minds. Thats the major problem I'm facing now...)

I am tired of practicing group dance now. I am sick of hearing that horrible song. What can we do? It is the typical song for this purpose. I am not feeling so well since last three days. I hate school now, The thing is that our teacher is not allowing friends to sit together. She has decided to change our positions. I feel like sleeping all the time in class. Because of the rehearsals, I am not able to attend certain classes, especially, Chemistry and Economics. I have not yet completed any of my records, I don't know what is going to happen. As the class monitor, I don't know even how many students have submitted it and those who haven't. If anything get lost, then everything will be on my head. The thing is that i don't have any time because of the rehearsals . Everything is messed up on my mind. What should I do?