Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vacation Robotics Camp

   Its the vacation after X Standard now... We didn't get the result yet (curse CBSE!). I am trying to utilize this vacation to the very best. I had plans of going for Computer class for studying C++. I'm going to need it for next year because I'm opting for Comp-Maths Group (English,Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer). Me and my father were searching for a good place to go for class. Finally, we decided  to go to Keltron Education Centre. We got to see another notice about an electronics and robotics class there. My plan is to go for engineering in future. So, I decided to try out this course.  I wanted to know if I have a real aptitude towards it. That was the objective.
I'm really happy now.  This was definitely a good option. They taught us the basics of electronics. I didn't had much knowledge about the various devices because I'm in CBSE Syllabus( which I understood later on). I think the State Govt's Teaching syllabus is way better than ours. There is no room for us to think and know more. The first classes were about the basic equipment used in electronic devices and their principles.We had a small introduction about C - programming too. I think they were trying to give us a logical understanding regarding its application and the basic procedures involved. We're using an Open Source electronic prototyping platform (Arduino board). We did some basic circuits with LED and programmed it. Then, we started robotics, had an intro about its kinds, applications, and functions.  Its almost one month since it started and its going to end within a week. T Our final competitive project is to make a line follower robot. I am trying my best to do it well... I will tell about in my next post, have to concentrate more..